To Know about World mental health day.

Every year, the whole world celebrates World Mental Health Day, shares social media posts and day after forgets the real cause. Well, this is the real truth of this world where one person is least bothered about the agony that another person is going through. So, this year, 2018, let’s put our hands together to create awareness about the mental health wellbeing and try to reduce the number of mentally unfit patients. The least we can do is promote and circulate health tips via social media networks which can be a strong medium to spread awareness.

What should be the concern of this mental health day 2018?

Our youth is the building block of our economy and to strengthen the economy more than 80% of the country’s youth should fall under the mentally fit category. But as we could see the current scenario of ever-changing lifestyle, late night work, late night binging and food adaptations, this number seems to be a never-to-achieve endeavor.

Therefore, before it is too late, let there be a campaign, teaching our youth and their parents about mental wellbeing and its importance. The campaign must provide a brief outlook about why mental health should be the prime concern and how a young child can build mental resilience against any odds in their life. According to the World Health Organization and a published world health news today, ‘mental resilience built at an early age goes till lifetime.’

Why youth is so vulnerable to mental illness?

In this cutthroat competitive environment, getting stressed, losing temper and feeling worthless are way too easy. You just need a minute failure to remorse and curse yourself because according to today’s lifestyle and educational framework, you are good for nothing if you are an average or below average. In fact, let alone the cutthroat educational framework, the ordeal to look more attractive, being bullied by fellow mates, peer pressure of exams, and extra pressure from parents to stand out among the neighbors and relatives are certain less-acknowledged but equally adding parameters in mental illness, as published in latest health news.

Coming to the dreaded end, these can lead to depression and sometimes, suicide causing one to accept death.

How can we collaborate individually to bring the change altogether?

Despite the government should do its bit, it is equally our responsibility to bring about the change too. And the least we can do is promote mental health tips for women and men both. We must work out on anevidence-based methodology to curb mental illness in all ages. Also, we should promote this situation as a normal health issue rather stereotyping it as taboo. The more we will be acceptable toward mental illness, the more people will share “what’s going in their brain and life!”


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