Apple’s Face ID hacked via placing black tape and pair of glasses
A team of researchers have discovered a new way to circumvent face ID of apple with the help of black tape and pair of glasses as per latest technology news. Researchers of Tencent placed a black tape on either lenses of a pair of glasses. In addition, a white tape is placed within the black tape to perform the attack.¬† The dubbed ‘X’ glasses can be later placed on eyes of a victim while sleeping in order to unlock the phone. The team succeeded in transferring the money with the help of mobile payments on victim’s phone whilst unlocking it.

Ex-Google engineer held for theft of trade secrets

Ex-Google engineer, Anthony Levandowski was held for multiple counts in theft of trade secrets from Internet giant. He purportedly did as he intended to quit from Google and develop Self-driving car operation of Uber. Google claimed that Levandowski have downloaded more than fourteen thousand highly confidential information that focused on self-driving technology research.

Anthony Levandowski was charged by Federal grand jury of San Jose in California. If he is found guilty, he will have to face ten years of life imprisonment and pay a hefty fine of two-lakh fifty thousand dollars, Department of Justice said.

Wi-Fi 6 to enhance data transfer speeds

Wi-Fi 6, an upgraded version of 5G to amplify data transfer speeds and offer a remarkable range at educational institutions, home and workplace. It has the potential to reach each corner of a building by gaining control over jam-packed crowd even at museums, railway stations and airports. Wi-Fi 6 also saves battery life while working on laptops and smartphones.

Wi-Fi 6 is universal and is accepted worldwide. Now hardcore players across the globe can have instant access to games without any interruptions. Orthogonal frequency division multiple access or in short OFDMA is currently one of the latest advances in Wi-Fi 6 technology. The second one is MU MIMO when expanded becomes multiple users, multiple unit and multiple output. The data rates escalates to nearly 30%.


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