So, Will Huawei Overtake Samsung by 2022? Let’s Find

Huawei has accelerated its growth in recent years. The West is against it; however, the company has held back all the obstacles that can hamper its growth. Last year it stunned the users with Huawei Mate 10, and now it has brought its latest mobile launch is the Y5 Lite in 2019. It is going to replace Samsung in 2022. Don’t you believe? Let’s tell you in this post or you can find in any Technology Articles.

A Popular Brand Growing Fast in Asia

Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu told that “This year they will become number one” –sooner or later. The company has sold over 200 million smartphones in 2018 which is an increase of about 30% from the previous year whereas it sold more than 100 million Latest Electronic Gadgets which included tablets and wearables. Perhaps now you can believe it.

However, the executive of Huawei repented the loss of New Technologies during the US-China Trade War. The company is a popular smartphones maker in Chinese, as well as other Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. The company has also featured among the top three brands in countries such as the UAE, South Africa, and Mexico and it is growing by leaps and bounds in India.

Huawei’s average selling price of around $300 is far lower than competitors like Apple and on par with Samsung, according to Counterpoint Research, giving it an advantage in progress markets like India. However, the company was in controversy due to the arrest of one of its top executives for dodging US Sanctions in Iran while the company has denied the charges. Whatsoever, the company has full potential to grow in Asian and African Markets even if it is stopped in the US or Europe.

China’s Huawei Reportedly Targeted In US Criminal Probe

The company was also in controversy for its insecure 5G wireless technology that you might have encountered in many Tech News pieces. Moreover, the company’s next-generation wireless network equipment has also come under global scrutiny, majorly the US has been warning it for spying on behalf of Chinese government while New Zealand and Australia have restricted the use of the Huawei’s products in their 5G networks. Mobile providers in several countries have also either blocked or are considering blocking options for it, as well.

Whatever the controversy is, Huawei’s phones are becoming best for the young generation, in all regions of the world. If the company can bring more robust technology and can make better smartphones, it is certainly going to knock down major players in the smartphone market. So, if you are swayed by its controversy, try its phone and forget the issues. Founder Ren Zhengfei of Huawei has said that he “would rather shut the company down” than submit to a request to spy for China.


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