Why Most Diabetic Patients Need Expert Dietician Plan in USA?

Diabetes is affecting people from all walks of life and age. Recent reports show that nearly 12-14% of the urban population in USA has diabetes. Earlier considered as the rich man’s disease, it is very common now. In such a scenario, a diet plan is very necessary for people affected by the deadly disease.

Why the Focus on Diet is required?

Basically, the disease is due to lifestyle changes. The young population is more reliant on fast food from its early college days. This is reducing the number of nutrients required by individuals. Moreover, the stress level is increasing among adults and even youth, due to work pressure or strained relationships. Though we cannot change everything around us, a healthy lifestyle with a good diet plan can reduce the risk to a great extent.

So, let’s hop on a healthy diet for diabetes-free life!

How can a healthy diet make a difference?

A balanced natural diet will bring the following changes:

  • Controls in blood sugar level
  • Reduction in further complication
  • Avoid tissue damage caused due to high sugar levels
  • Balances body weight

Now, what makes a diet healthy? A diet for a diabetic patient includes a variety of foods in the right proportion. A fiber-rich meal with lots of fruits and vegetables is the best. To understand more, let’s elaborate!

Replace Carbohydrates with Insulin Injection

People with Type 1 diabetes have shown improvements by adopting this method.  Patients calculate the total amount of carbohydrates in their meal, and inject insulin to match the amounts of carbs eaten. But, what about replacing the injection with the same amount of carb? Diabetics should do it!

Take GI Diet

GI (Glycaemic Index) is the effect of carbohydrate in a person’s blood glucose which is based on a fact that some carbohydrates raise the blood sugar level. Some examples of low GI carbs are -brown rice, grilled fish, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and pasta.

Reduce the Temptation of Sugar

People with diabetes are always asked to avoid sugar. Even small amounts of sugar have a large effect on blood sugar levels. So, reduce the temptation of sugar, however delicious the food is.

Take Sugar Substitutes

Forgetting the taste of sugar forever is a little tough for a human being. But, it can be replaced with other sugar substitutes. There are plenty of sugar substitutes in the market, which can fulfill your sugar craving. Some substitutes are; aspartame, saccharine, acesulfame K, cyclamates, sucralose, and stevia.

Accept Bitterness of Life!

Yes, some foods are bitter yet, curing for sugar. So, take all the bitter herbs and vegetables, even if, you don’t like them. If not available naturally, they come in the forms of juices and gels in the market. So, find such products and take them as snacks in place of chocolates and cakes.

Now, chart a diet plan for any diabetes patient, keeping these tips in mind!


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