is a unique multi-purpose blogging site that offers the latest technology updates and news. South Korean multi-national electronics company Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd expects a sharp dive during its second quarter’s operating profit owing to trade war between U.S.A and China. It had a major impact on the Smartphone segments and global chip. Prices of chips had plunged owing to supply glut.

Accomplished tech giants like Samsung and semiconductor company SK Hynix are struggling due to hike in tariff. The latest information technology trends affect the global demand for electronic gadgets. Seoul had recently reduced annual economic growth to seven years as the exports plummeted. Most of the tech firms located at South Korea endures the most of curbs imposed on export of materials to South Korea by Japan. For example, smartphones and memory chips.  Now a huge gap is forming between nations due to augmented U.S.-China trade war and export curbs by Japan. Operating profit during the months of April-June had dropped from 6.5 trillion to 5.6 billion dollars.

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Google Camera to introduce Night sight feature

Google Camera version 6.3 had officially announced their decision to launch Night sight feature while enhancing user accessibility. XDA developers remarked that this brand new version in the latest cool technology era is compatible on all Pixel devices operating Android Pie. In addition, Google has geared up to release the fifth beta designed of Android Q. Previously, users need to swipe the screen and tap the options to activate the Night vision feature. The latest technology news and update enables you to access the feature directly from Camera UI that is placed adjacent to the Portrait mode tab.

However, the tech giant had completely removed Panorama mode from the main Camera UI and transferred it to the tab section. The company-excluded options such as color temperature as well as white balance present in the app. Google also replaced the name of the flash option with illuminate.  Nevertheless, no further alterations are made to this functionality. Even though Google had introduced night sight feature in the main UI, app instigates users to switch over to night vision while capturing images in a minimum light environment.

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