Unlock Your Car Using Face, ID, Touch ID – Apple’s New Patent Reveals

There are many technology companies and even the car-makers that have experimented with new innovations to unlock cars. A few cars have been added to the unlock system, that can be opened using their smartphones. In this concern recently, Apple has come up with a new patent that reveals a more secure way to unlock your vehicle. It is better than the mobile biometric authentication system and even more secure. This new patent means that now you can easily unlock your car by just looking at it. It also means that no one other than you can unlock the car.

The patent has been filed back in February 2017, where the new keyless entry will also tailor in-car experience depending on who is driving. The patent filed by Appleis likely for Apple’s secret development of an autonomous car called Project Titan. Such technologies are mainly expected to become increasingly commonplace as these can be a thread into the future of automobiles.

The Apple patent explains, “Typically, the key fob may provide a remote keyless entry system that provides access to the vehicle by unlocking the doors and additional functionality such as starting the engine. However, most conventional key fobs or keyless entry systems are single factor security systems that offer only a low level of security. Some conventional remote keyless entry systems are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks and other security issues. For example, the vehicle is unable to identify the person carrying the key or key fob, so anyone with the key fob can operate the vehicle.“

With the advent of autonomous vehicles, nowadays, cars have been expected to become a more personal space. Today, it has become an improving traditional aspect by using modern technologies. In such a sphere, Apple’s new patent of unlocking the vehicle with Face ID or Touch ID has become a new advent in terms of safety and security. The patent also provides a way to personalize in-car options, thereby having driver preferences in customized profiles.

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