Top 4 Most Popular Online Games for Every Age and Gender

The technology keeps advancing and new games keep pouring in with gadgets. Yet, some games become favorite of men, women, old or adults equally, whichever age they enter. These games were available in another form earlier, but have come to the internet with the digital revolution. So, let’s count the evergreen love of ladies and gentlemen available on their cool technology gadgets.


Do you like to solve puzzle games and Sudoku? This game is much similar to that. It is a kind of mental exercise on puzzle video games which was developed by PopCap. However, it was not for your mobile phone at the time of its launch. But, later it entered into the smartphones. The game allows setting different gems and exchanges them to create horizontal or vertical lines of minimum three similar jewels. Then, the gems will disappear after creating a line of 3 pieces. So, it is loved by ladies who are always fond of gems and jewelry.


Don’t want to stay away from latest technologies games? This game is played via Facebook. It was created by Zynga and gives simulation to players for building farms online. The farmers can play with their Facebook friends. You can start farming with your friends on a 12*12 farm size to get more farm coins. So, plant more seeds or harvest crops after it ripens. You can grow new seeds if you can get farm coins, decorate the farm, or enlarge it. This game gives a sense of cooperation among the farming community. Moreover, the friends who own adjacent farms can help to harvest the crops. This game is very successful in the countryside and the cities as well.

Crosswords and Sudoku

Crosswords and Sudoku are always part of our lives through newspapers and magazines. This is favorite pastime around the globe by men and women, and also comes among the most loved boy’s games. Your popular Sudoku will no longer remain in the newspapers. They are also available on the internet. So, try it irrespective of your age and gender.

Cake Shop 2

You might have heard about ‘Cake Shop’ in Tech News. If you are a business enthusiast and want to refine your creative skills, this game might make you fall in love. Besides, it also gives you a chance to refine your skills. On the counter, you’ll be asked by your customers to prepare cakes on demand. Seeing the picture of the cake demanded by the customer you’ll have to make it with the right elements. The nice thing is that if you make a mistake you have to start again.

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