Top 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Businesses

There is much brouhaha over artificial intelligence, machine learning, and BOTs. Haven’t you heard or read? Read it here now! Artificial Intelligence is the improved technology which will act very similar to human intelligence or the ways of thinking. The most talked matter over AI is “How AI will impact businesses?” Certainly, business processes have the greatest value in our daily lives as consumers and workers. So, use of any technology in it will greatly influence us. Know the Top 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Businesses:

More Flexibility

You might have put online order on Amazon, and at another moment you are canceling it. So, aren’t you doing such things? AI will give businesses more autonomy. Perhaps, you are not going to see so huge counters for billing and filing at the stores. Isn’t it amazing!

Moreover, there will not be processes like equipping the big parts with a small one. For example –BOTs are making car manufacturing easier in Japanese Car Manufacturing Plants.

On-Spot Automation

Do you know self-driving cars? These processes and innovations will help on the spot automation. It will also help in the detection of credit card fraud. So, AI is going to see increased use in banks which have just a few seconds to determine whether a given transaction should be approved or not. For example -HSBC Holdings developed an AI-based solution to improve the speed and accuracy of fraud detection.

Increased Scalability

It is another important change that AI will bring in businesses. Many business processes are hamstrung by poor scalability. If the process requires intensive human labor with minimal machine assistance, AI will assist in recruitment and other HR functions. You can see how Unilever has accelerated recruit evaluation as part of efforts to improve diversity. This all is due to the adoption of an AI-based hiring system that assesses candidates’ body language and personality traits in part by how they answer job-specific questions over video. This helps companies broaden their recruiting scale with higher speed in an average time.

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Decision Making

People are hunting for most customized information, suitable to their needs. This has given rise to applications. Yet, there is a need for more robust systems to give more tailored information. The more reliable the information people receive, the better the decisions they can make. Thus, AI is going to help a lot to workers on the factory floor, service technicians out in the field, and even BPOs, for taking the right decisions.

The Holy Grail of Marketing

AI will give more personalization. It will bring some dynamic changes in the world of marketing by providing more filtering options. It will improve individually tailored, on-demand brand experiences on a vast scale. Have you ever thought of how Pandora -the music streaming service, personalized playlists for each of its millions of users? It is based on preferences in songs, artists and genres that are works of AI.

These are just a few advantages and examples. But, AI will bring revolutionary changes. So, businesses should embrace collaborative intelligence to transform their operations, their markets, and industries. Thank you for reading (Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Businesses).

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