Things Needed To Change In Rote Based Learning Education System

1. Don’t Only Focus On Marks!

Life is not only about numbers! Instead of just learning to Rote a subject, one should try to duly understand the subject or topic that he/she is trying to study. In major of the countries, millions of kids are judged based on the same test as if they are trying to turn us into some sort of machines. The tests that you give just by memorizing the content without even understanding any of it will not fetch any benefit to you in the longer run. It has been proven that in the coming future skills are going to be valued more than the numbers that you score in your tests!

(Note: We are not saying you to exactly stop studying but instead understand the concept well and then go for your regular tests).

2. Stop Looking At Only One Direction!

Sadly in some countries like India, the mindset of people are outdated where importance is only given to specific careers like Doctor and Engineer. We as an individual need to broaden our minds and understand that there are thousands of careers to choose from. As a parent, everyone should let their children be free to have a career in whatever stream or field they prefer as per their interests.

3. Sex Education Should Be Promoted!

Sadly in small countries education systems, sex education is not given any sort of much importance which is quite a bad thing. Well, you may ask so why? During the teenage period, children experience all sorts of emotions which they should know to properly handle. There are changes in feelings, hormones and many more things which if not handled correctly can lead to problems. Sex is considered a taboo in some of the countries and if people found discussing it in public, they are boycotted from society. This is what we have to stop by promoting sex education as educating the mass about the correct knowledge can stop many wrong things from happening.

4. Why Only Textbooks?

Textbooks are the traditional way of teaching that has been going on for a long time. With time, we should change our methods of teaching and learning. It’s the age of modern technology and so should be the methods of our modern education system be equipped with all latest and advanced technological methods like e-learning.

Conclusion :

We hope that this post would have helped you to know about some of the reforms that we need in the Rote Based education system. If you found the post helpful share it with your friends and don’t forget to put down your views on the comments section below.

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