Fortnite, Alto’s Odysseys, and StardewWalley are one of the best games that released the last year. There are upcoming mobile games that will release by the well-known from the popular developers. Here are the latest games for android that nobody wants to miss!

Mario Kart Tour

It is one of the android racing games in 2019. It has great features such as simple control, offer 30 characters, and 10 gliders and so on. Whenever you complete the race you will get the Grand stars and when you gather grand star then you will get the gifts such as emerald gems which can be used to unlock the new drivers.

Shadowgun War Games

These upcoming mobile games 2019 title from Madfinger game is multiple shooters set in the Shadogun Universe. In mobile games news sites it’s already creating the buzz. In the game, each character has different weapons and abilities. You have to play with your teammates to win. It is presented as the best fiction game which is action-based.

Forza Street

It was in the best gaming news site 2018 and popular in the Forza series. It is available in the windows 10 and is upcoming mobile games later this year. In the game, your goal is to win the events and get the points to upgrade your cars. Even though you have to put the lots of efforts to win the race and it is all about the timing, brake, pressing the gas and updating your cars. It is for casual gamers who want the great experience of gaming.

Gears pop!

This one of the best Android games 2019 is gearing pop! It is published by the Microsoft and revolves around the multiple battles in the gears universe. You can even build your squad by just collecting and the upgrading the iconic gears of war heroes and villain.  The title has been soft-launched in several countries but doesn’t know when they will be released globally.  It not only android but may release in the iOS.


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