The Best Games That You Can Enjoy in Your Winter Weekends with the new gadgets

What do you do in chilly winter weekends? It is rarely possible for you to venture out in snow-capped sheets of the earth. To survive your enthusiasm new gadgets in 2019, have brought lots of games. You can survive and thrive throughout your cold winters on these games. Let’s tell you which are the latest online games are for your cold weekends.


A count of best games is incomplete without mentioning Splendor. It was one of the favorite games in the previous year as the best addicting card games. It certainly doesn’t need a million years to finish. So, included it into your latest gadgets, and collect your gem cards and tokens. Collect 15 points to win as certain cards have points on them. Each game will take about half an hour with four friends.

Shadows in the Forest

‘Shadows in the Forest’ is a board game to be played in dark. The game has a lantern which requires battery power before starting the game. The lantern glow in dark dice. You can play it with your 2-7 players and is suitable for ages 8 and up. You can become a seeker, a lantern wielding hunter who wants to find Shadowline creatures in the forest. You can roll the dice around the board. If you’ll touch any part of a hidden Shadowling with light, the Shadowling will lose its mask to freeze. So beware! You can control the Shadowling if you are not the seeker.

Catan: Rise of the Inkas

Catan Studios are loved by all, for their new release each year. Its latest version of classic –Settlers of Catan is themed like Star Trek or Game of Thrones, and some of the games include new game mechanics or historical themes. The rise of the Incas is its latest series to bring a twist in your gaming mood through best gadgets in 2019. It is full of artwork and includes 110 sculpted plastic pieces. So, forget not to take it into your mobiles.

The minimum age requirement for this game is 12 years and above. You can play it with your 3-4 friends. Finish it in an hour. The game will make you feel the virtual rise and fall of CatanCivilizations. You’ll go to three eras of Inka tribe where you can get points by building settlements. The game is very interesting and can relieve your bored mood in the coming weekends of winter.

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