Health introduction

The word “health” mention to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. Health can be defined as physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and as a resource for living a full life. It mentions not only to the absence of disease but the capacity to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems.

What are the important things to do for health?

Firstly we have to act on social networking sites to know about world health news today and the way to improve our health. There is much news released in every hour on health because we face lots of pollution in a full day. Through which many new diseases are taking birth. So it is important to everyone should be connected with world health news.

To improve health there is one more way which is health tips given by the doctors and WHO (world health organizations). Doctors provide many health tips but peoples don’t follow it. There is all around in hospital on roads pamphlets are present on which only health tips were written only for us but we don’t even read it once.

There is health magazine easily available in the market in which health news is provided by writers. Many of the people’s buy it but don’t read it carefully. It is important for everyone to read it carefully and buy an updated magazine don’t follow old magazines.

Many of the countries provide especially health tips for men through which they make their countrymen strong and for there better health. There are many tips which are only for men according to their body structure are provided by doctors. Men’s should follow it for there better future.

women’s health magazine is the most important thing for a lady. Through which they understand their internal problems easily. It should be necessary to have a magazine with every lady.

There are many countries which are focused on women’s health and fitness to make there country’s women stronger than men. In most of the country, women are doing men’s work and they are treated as equal to men. Which is a proud thing for any country?

To make ourselves fit, it is important to follow body fitness tips regularly through which you should be healthy and fit also. And women’s also have to act and work on health tips for women through which they don’t even feel that they are not equal to men’s because women Are more stronger than men’s.


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