According to latest health news, state drug controller of Haryana has begun to restrict/block sites that deal with sale of e-cigarettes.

Narinder Ahuja, drug controller of Haryana stated that ‘they have commenced process of blocking sites that might take time. As per the Poison Act of 2015, state of Haryana has banned pure form of nicotine.  Each websites are under scanner with joint support of cybercrime experts. Rakesh Gupta, chief chemical examiner and deputy director of Punjab’s health department stated that they warned administrators when state of Punjab banned sale of e-cigars back in the year 2013.

Now, majority of the websites are selling e-cigars bearing the tag line “Quit smoking, switch to vaping”. This implies that e-cigar is safer when compared to standard tobacco. Nevertheless, some of the accomplished scientific institutions like Indian Council of Medical Research have disproved this claim. Council has advised Indian states to discontinue sale of ends devices that allow delivery of nicotine.

Precise tests needed to ease urinary tract infections

Accurate tests are mandatory to alleviate urinary tract infections according to latest health news. Existing dipstick tests to determine infections in urine sample are unreliable and even laboratory tests are slow moving.

A recent study disclosed the fact that doctors need precise and swift testing capabilities for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). It is essential to reduce over-subscription of anti-biotic. UTI is currently one of the major issues since complications might materialize when infection disseminates causing infection in kidney.

Approximately 5, 00,000 cases of UTI were found in patients at England.

Q1 Net Profit of Apollo Hospital exceed Rs. 49.15 crore

Apollo Health Care Hospital reported a sharp rise in the consolidated net profit around Rs. 49.15. However, consolidated revenue of operation stood still at Rs. 2571.89 crore.

CT Scan Machine installed at NMMC hospital in Navi Mumbai

The much-anticipated CT scan machine has been successfully introduced at NMMC hospital in Navi Mumbai. This brand new equipment would benefit multiple citizens residing at Navi Mumbai. Public have to pay a fee of Rs. 985 only.


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