To know Psychological Stress Men vs Women

Men and Women biologically are two different entities with a common problem –psychological stress. However, their methodology is said to be different while battling the stress, whether it is physical or mental. According to a popular online health magazine, both women and men have different abilities to combat this issue where women supposedly do better.

In this article, we are going to discuss this highly important topic and elaborate on stress factors and their psychological symptoms in both genders.

Understanding the stress with respect to men and women

You can find thousands of health tips for men and women to combating stress. But if you do not know what the root cause is, these tips will not ever work. Therefore, before googling tips to combating stress in men and women, we must try to reach out to the main cause of stress and how it spreads its wings.

According to claims made by a popular women’s health magazine, women are more likely to attract stress and express emotional and physical symptoms. In fact, the level of stress even differs based on her marital status. A married woman has a different level of stress as compared to an unmarried woman.

Reasons for psychological stress among men and women

Some men say that men have nothing to stress apart from their women. A good joke indeed but the real scenario differs the statement. Men, in general, have their work as the real stress creator. Whereas, in most of the women, according to recent research, the real causes of stress are money and economy. Apart from that, another reason which adds to stress among women is taking care of children and family.

According to a very old belief system, men are still known for earning the bread and butter for the family where women are supposed to haggle around the homely chores and bear the tantrums of kids and elderlies in the family. At the end of it, they are physically tired, weary, and emotionally unstable because they find them alone throughout the chore if a husband or any another doesn’t support her meanwhile.

Therefore, we can simply say that both men and women have different causes adding to their stress levels whereas men are less at the verge of getting depressive where women have a very slight line to cross.

That is why it becomes our responsibility to spread awareness among both men and women about this psychological stress which may convert into depression in the later part. However, responsibility towards women increases a bit because they are more prone to get stressed. Therefore, with a healthy brain, women should focus on their lifestyle. For more, they can simply learn more about women’s health and fitness get a better lifestyle.


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