Xiaomi Corporation, a renowned Chinese electronics firm has officially announced its decision to release Mi 9 Pro that supports 5G. It features a wraparound display screen and is capable of generating speed from 1.78 Gbps to 2.02 Gbps. According to reports from the latest blogs, Mi 9 Pro 5g is sold at a base price. 

Mi 9 Pro 5G is one of the latest cool technology gadgets that have a 6.39-Inch Amoled FHD, Dot Drop display. Moreover, it consists of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which delivers optimal graphic performance. This latest technology gadget comes with a 40W fast-wired charger that is capable of charging the battery within forty-eight minutes. It is also compatible with 30W wireless charging as well as 10W reverse charging.

Mi 5 Pro contains a default 48MP primary camera and a 16MP ultra wide-angle camera along with a 12MP telephoto camera. Its unit comprises of a customized linear motor exclusively for touch haptic feedback. This brand new product contains countless feedback modules that let users type, zoom in and out the camera, fingerprint recognition.

Extra three additions included in the Face book Portal

The latest cool technology news which is highly searched in the last few months are described below:

Face book had recently announced its decision to launch three additions in its portals like a brand new portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV. One of its major purposes is to enable users to execute calls through Face book messenger and Whatsapp. Face book portal consists of a design that is quite similar to that of a picture frame. Portal Mini is smaller while Portal TV resembles a set-top box and contains a controller. 

The Portal TV integrates operations of a set-top box with social media and video conferencing. It features a 10-inch HD display while Portal Mini contains an 8 inch HD display screen. 

Some of its features include photo display, video calling, and watching live videos in portrait or landscape mode. It has an adaptive display, which lets users adjust color and brightness catering to the theme of exterior surroundings. This product comes with a default speaker. Portal TV enables users to perform smart video calling. An AI (Artificial Intelligence) smart camera enables you to zoom in, out and remain with users even while walking and talking. This AI-powered smart sound amplifies the volume of the speaker while averting external sounds. The portal TV allows you to watch FB content.


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