Popular kart racing game accessible on Android and IOS versions

Soon after the release of multiple Mario games for mobile applications, Nintendo has announced their decision to introduce one of the top kart racing games Mario Kart Tour exclusively for iPhone, IPad, iPod touch and similar Android devices.

Mario Kart Tour is a free version that contains options to procure and unlock game characters, vehicles by leveraging currency known by the name Rubies. This brand new kart racing game shares similar features to that of the previous version launched back in the year 2005. Some of the best gaming news site 2019 reported that this particular online game’s mobile versions were optimized by the company to take advantage of the touch. It is considered as a primary input technique.

However, players are required to login to the game by using the Nintendo account and play the game. Another major highlight concerning this upcoming mobile game is that Nintendo enables players to sign up and access the game using Google account. Gaming experts have rated as one of the upcoming mobile games 2019

As soon as the players have logged into the game, a solo rider will be instantly unlocked and the game commences with a starter guide. It would clearly explain the controls and dynamics of the game. The driving techniques of the current version are a little bit different when compared to earlier versions. It is one of the upcoming games for Android wherein players are required to tap and slide fingers towards left or right while kart is moving. There are options to gather an item or a weapon in the game.

Most of the mobile game news sites have rated Mario Kart Tour as one of the best online games. When a player succeeds in clearing each level, they would receive additional points and can be redeemed at a later stage. It also features numerous challenges and obstacles that would help them enhance the player rankings. This online game is greatly inspired by actual cities and classic Mario Kart tracks.



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