Points on the Importance of Education

Education is not only limited to just read and write but it’s a lot more than that. It’s about using the knowledge that you acquire from education to your advantage for growth and prosperity.

A lot of people tend to confuse between literacy and education but in reality, these two are totally two different concepts or it can be said that literacy is a part of education. If a person is properly educated, he won’t only be literate (able to read and write) but also have the ability to understand and question things. Everyone should be educated and that’s probably the reason that education is the primary right for everyone in most of the countries.

Let’s check out some of the major importance of education!

  • Education gives good recognition and respect in the society. Sadly, our society has been functioned in such a way that the person who isn’t educated will be considered to be inferior and till this scenario doesn’t change, you will have to probably rely on education for good respect and recognition in the society
  • Education will help an individual to attain a job and earn money. It’s true that their various ways to earn money but a good level education acts as a good level of security that you will get a job, earn money from it to have access to basic facilities of life.
  • Education is a good way to gain freedom in your life. Education ensures financial and personal freedom that lets a person lives on their own independently.
  • It also acts as a good way to set different standards in your life. It promotes the taking of right decisions and avoidance of wrong decisions as a person would have gained wise knowledge which would play a great role in the decision-making skills.
  • Education helps children to develop in all aspects of life including physically, mentally and socially.
  • Education builds confidence in children and makes them ready to face the real world without any fear.
  • Education forms future leaders. A person guided in the right path through education can turn out to be a great person, leader or influencer in the future.
  • Education not only provides bookish knowledge to students but it’s also about polishing knowledge of different skills like painting, dancing, etc.
  • Education is also good for a country as it should help in the development of the economy due to various factors including a high employment rate, great leaders, etc.


We hope that this article would have helped you come across the importance of education in today’s time. There are various education portals that you can access to educate yourself. Education is also pretty cheap and free of cost these days, thanks to online learning.


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