Overview Of The Big Chungus Game

Online horror games give an ultimate competitive feeling to the gamer. In fact, the moment you are done you mentally feels so satisfied because it makes you feel like a true achiever. And the most important fact is that among upcoming mobile games 2019, the Big Chungusgame is a promising one in the genre of horror games. It is again a thrilling game, which continually gives you a chance to testify your level of accuracy and efficacy. But prior to everything scroll down below to catch up with some key information related to the particular game.

Basic information about the game

For those who are a pro in dealing with horror games will surely finely this one too fascinating and exhilarating. First, you should know that it is an indie online horror game which was introduced by the PGdevs. It uses the operating system Microsoft to conduct the game. It was actually released in the year 2018. And only one episode has been launched so far. The best and exciting is that the game has a popular loony cartoon character Bugs bunny as the central theme.

How to start playing the game?

Just hold your breath as you will know how to start with the game. The interesting game starts with an asylum. Now the twist is the player is actually locked inside that asylum along with Big Chungus. The game is very dreadful as it hurls and scares the player to kill him or her. However, to play safely and wisely, the player will get a powerful flashlight.

Now you might think what is the flashlight used for. Well, the flashlight acts a savior against this Big Chungus. It helps to locate the Big Chungusso that the player can kill it. But the player has to use his wits and senses to understand the sound the character of Big Chunguscreates; otherwise one cannot locate it.

In case if the player fails to find Big Chungus, it will attack the player at any moment. Thus, the player has to be ready with the flashlight and has to concentrate so that not a single noise is missed.


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