New Gadgets That Maybe We Are Not Ready For Yet

The rate at which technology is upgrading is really surprising as no normal person would have imagined 20 years back that we would have so many new gadgets in 2019. But still, some of the best gadgets that we have today are not yet accepted by people as maybe we are not ready for it!

1) SpotMini

If a person can’t afford to buy a real dog for whatsoever reason then Spot can be the perfect choice for you. “Spot” is a great robot dog or electronic pet that is 4 legged and can do all sorts of features that dog does including walking, picking up objects, climbing, etc. The dog doesn’t need any kind of special care and it’s a good choice for kids and elders.

2) Back Blade

“Back Blade” is literally nothing more than a shaver for back hair. The main or only aim of this new gadget is to get rid of your back hair where it’s hard to reach. Plus the shaver has been designed in such a way that ensures pain-free shaving.

3) Zungle

Zungle is a very unique Sunglass that features bone conduction speakers. The Sunglass can let you answer your calls and also listen to some cool music without even using your ears. The sound waves are transferred right into your skull by vibrations by the gadget.


Ever wanted to make calls without even taking out your mobile and placing a call? If yes, then that’s possible using new gadgets like ORRI. It’s basically a voice-powered smart ring that features dual microphones and bone conduction technology that does the stuff. Next time whenever you feel to place a call, make a tap on your ear and you are good to go!

This is something weird and surprising at the same time! If you have always wanted to get rid of snoring of yourself, partner or someone else you know then Nora should be the first choice for you. It’s a very simple process! Just take your pillow, and put the insert under it and just keep your pebble near your bed and just go to your normal sleep.

The next moment you start snoring, the gadget will automatically detect your snoring and gently move your head without waking you up, to stop your snoring.


This was a list of best gadgets that are present there in the market and can be kind of considered as futuristic technology but still, we are not yet ready for such technological gadgets. We don’t know exactly when but maybe in the near future we can expect changes being seen in the habits of people.


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