MWC 2019: Sony Xperia 5G model Showcased

This year’s Mobile World Congress, the main focus was on 5G and folding phones. These two sections were the talk of the town where nearly every major smartphone manufacturer has announced about their fancy and futuristic products. In this concern, Sony has also presented some interesting smartphone sets that would be launched, but the smartphone will not be a folding phone, instead, the company showcased a 5G prototype Xperia phone. The company has exhibited the 5G prototype phone at its booth and even at the Qualcomm’s booth.

Few Facts on Sony Xperia 5G Phone

The device has been shown off at the booths of both companies at MWC 2019, but the phone was just a prototype. This is where attendees couldn’t get their hands on it. But as far as the design and display are concerned, from the front, the 5G Xperialooks similar to the Xperia 1. It has the same ultra-tall 21:9 CinemaWide display. However, regarding specifications, it has not been shared anything, but it can be logically stated that the smartphone would be running on the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, with the X50 5G modem.
It has been reported that the phone is currently known by the internal name ‘AG-1′ and isn’t a commercial device. Being just a prototype unit, it is a 5mm wave product that would be supporting the sub-6GHz band. Regarding this concern, Adam Marsh from Sony’s global communications team has stated that “At the moment, from a rollout point of view, 5G just isn’t there. In 4G, you can still [get] more speed in more places than 5G, at the moment.

So, looking at the report, it is very hard to state that when Sony will actually have a commercial 5G product. The company has just showcased the prototype and it seems that the company looks like they are not in any hurry. It seems that until next year or even beyond, the company would actually roll out of 5G. By then, it is very sure that Sony will launch the device soon and will also be ready for the commercial launch.


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