It’s already been a few months that we have entered 2019 and started witnessing games like PUBG Mobile hitting the market and creating a boom in almost every other gamer. Other than PUBG, there a lot of games to come on our Smartphones and more specifically Android devices this year.

The games that are listed in today’s article are upcoming games for Android that are a lot anticipated by gamers out there. You may not know them but we recommend you at least ones to try these upcoming mobile games 2019. (Note: By the time this article goes live, some games may have already made an entry in the market in some form or another).

1) Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley made its appearance first in the year 2016 on PC devices across the world. Soon the release was followed on Xbox One and PS4. As per the news, this game is set to be released somewhere in 2019, as the developers haven’t given an exact time frame. Stardew Valley is about a person (You) who has inherited his grandfather’s farm plot which he has to convert as per his preferences. Right from raising crops to dealing with the locals, you can perform and experience the real fun of growing a farm as per your dreams.

2) Bad North

Bad North is a strategy cum fighting based game where you act as the role of a prince whose island has been captured by the Vikings. Your job is to take back your island by fighting with your army. Make strategic positioning and attacking plans, to avoid defeat. Once you win an Island, the game moves to another island, whose outlook is totally different from the previous one. Just like the above one, this is also an upcoming Android game with no specific release date.

3) Project Cars GO

Finally, a game has arrived to compete with the Asphalt Series! Project Cars GO is already ruling the markets on PC, Xbox One and PS4. This year, it’s all set to make an entry in the mobile world. This game is known for its high graphics, sound, amazing cars, customizations and lots more. It’s surely going to give a tough competition to the top Android games this year.

4) Levelhead

Want to make your own game levels? If yes, then Levelhead may be a good option for you. The game gives you the opportunity to create your own game levels combining various elements like paths, enemies, power, secrets, hazards, trophies, etc. The best part is that your created levels can be published and played by others. As per our knowledge, at least 4 people can play a level at once or create their own. If you are not a multiplayer person, then you can enjoy the single player mode where you will have to deal with robot delivery training. It’s a cross-platform game which means that it can be created on Android and played on your PC or vice versa.

We hope that you would have liked the upcoming mobile games 2019. If you found the games useful, share it with your friends and don’t forget to comment down your views!


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