The year 2018 was a gifted one for hardcore gamers irrespective of the type of platform played. The public had witnessed a cluster of reasonable laptops and desktop PC’s meant for the gaming world. Some of the best gaming news site 2018 reported that game consoles were sold at a competitive rate with remarkable growth in mobile gaming. The mobile gaming industry had reaped a profit of $138 million in the year 2019. Now let us dig into the upcoming trends in gaming.

    1. One of the mobile game news sites stated console-quality games materialized when players dealing with high-end devices request mobile developers to maintain handsets under control. For example, IOS gaming version of Fortnite launched back in April 2018. On the other, it’s Android version turned around in June.
    2. Head-mounted displays:-With the advent of Oculus Rift, the gaming world saw an astonishing trend in the head-mounted displays. This device is currently focusing on altering by providing a full-length ten-degree field of view. It features an ultra-low latency system along with stereoscopic 3D rendering capabilities. They create fascinating displays containing a head-turning motion control. Upcoming mobile games 2019 introduced by prominent industry leaders like Sony, Valve and Game Face appears to be tinkering with VR headsets. They have displayed a default prototype VR headset.
    3. Illumniroom:- Some of the upcoming games for android have gained popularity amongst gamers as Illumniroom amplified user experience. It is one of the latest trends in the gaming industry which takes advantage of the geometry and appearance of the living room. This tool is capable of displaying games on interior walls and furniture. The users can convert their room into a digital environment by harnessing a Kinect camera and projector.

By 2019, the global games market would generate revenue of about one hundred and fifty billion dollars. Over the next few years, the gaming world is expecting the launch of Play Station 5 by Sony. On the other hand, Nintendo will be aiming towards the introduction of Nintendo Switch revision containing additional features like a higher-quality screen. Visit a reliable gaming site for more news.


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