The Basics of Luteinizing Hormone Test in Infertility Treatment

You might have heard about a Luteinizing Hormone test from a doctor or near ones who have gone through the test. This is a very basic blood test which checks the level of hormone in a person.

However, we are going to understand the role of this exceptional hormone in the human body. The LH controls the body processes in both men and women such as pregnancy, egg production, and puberty. As most women pass through stages of child-bearing, this is more important for them than men. This post will give you more insight into the general uses of this diagnostic test.

Diagnosing Infertility Cases

You might have seen recommendations for LH tests while reading Women’s Health Magazine which brings lots of new topics related to female health. Medically, this test is recommended when doctors want to find out the fertility issues in men or women. Fertility issues include difficulty in getting pregnant, low sperm count, reduction in egg supply from the ovaries, or endometriosis. Doctors can tell the course of treatment on the basis of the diagnostic result. Some common issues that can be decided with the LH test are.

Time of Ovulation

Fertility of a woman depends on the level of LH. A female has varied levels of hormone depending on the day from menstruation. Just before the ovulation, the level of LH rushes forward which is the most fertile period of a woman’s cycle. So, often infertility treatments are decided according to the course and reduction in the level of hormone. You can easily find the ovulation test kits in the market which check for the expected release of the egg in urine. A proper women’s health and fitness regimen can help them overcome the issues.
Diagnosing Menstrual Changes
A woman’s fertility depends on the menstrual cycle. Hence, the test is also conducted for the stages of menopause, puberty, ovulation, and several other reasons; related to menstrual changes or problems. So, if a woman is diagnosed with low levels of hormone they should follow a healthy routine, eat healthy food, stay away from stress, and exercise regularly.

Checking Puberty & Pituitary

LH levels can also help the medical community to detect if a child gets early or late puberty as high levels are associated with early puberty while low levels can delay it. Another significant change that is measured by the LH is the health of your pituitary gland which is the master gland for all your endocrine system. You should always check for the health care tips to keep your endocrine healthy.

Did you like these health tips for women and men as well? We will bring more scholarly articles on several health issues. So, check them, follow them, and stay healthy.


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