We have to come to know through our official sources that the new and most anticipated upcoming mobile game, LEGO Star Wars Battles is currently in the development stage and is expected to release somewhere in 2020. LEGO Star Wars Battles will most probably be a free game to download and play that would work with most of the audience as it would feature the PVP mode. Hopefully, it should really be free to play the game otherwise it will be just like the most other pay to win games. One such prominent example of this is Clash of Clans. COC is a brilliant multiplayer game, no doubt, but if you want to reach the top in a considerable amount of time and maintain that same position, then you will have to spend some money out of your pockets.

The game will work on the main base, real-time multi-player PVP mode where you will have access to characters and accessories including vehicles, troops, etc from all of the 9 Star Wars movies. Just like most other similar games, you will also come across some tower defense features as the main objective behind the game is the capturing and destroying of the base that your opponent possesses

There are 40 units to collect and upgrade in the upcoming mobile game. When it comes to battling, there are various previously seen locations on which the wars will take place. We can’t predict right from this stage that how the game

will turn out to be but as it’s a product of LEGO and the theme is also based on the previous 9 Star War Movies, it can be believed to some extent that the thing is going to be a big hit.


There are a lot of upcoming games for Android in the pipeline for 2019 but ┬áLEGO Star Wars Battles is what is holding the craze of most of the mobile gamers out there and also why it shouldn’t as it seems that the game is going to be the next big trend, if everything works out smoothly as planned. Let’s see what the future holds for it!


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