Verizon, which is one of the leading telecommunications company, based in the United States of America to launch a free version of the robocall-blocking app and presently this is one of the latest tech updates. The brand new app is compatible with all Android devices. It is known by the name auto-filter service, which is capable of tracking and blocking ‘high-risk calls’.

Robocall-blocking app has the potential to track unknown numbers that are claimed to be fraudulent. Each call is sent via voice-mail and a display screen of caller ID indicates ‘potential spam’. It sends a strong alert to warn the users that it is more likely to be a robocall.

Users of android applications have the option to set their devices in blocking international incoming calls through free apps as well as call filter plus service. Today, an upgraded version of the above-mentioned robocall-blocking app is available in the market for $2.99 per month. The enhanced version of this type of app has the potential to track unknown calls, name thereby creating a robocall block list. Besides, it features a robocall ‘risk meter’ and a spam number lookup facility as well.

If in case potential mobile users are concerned about missed calls, they do have the option to dis-activate auto-blocking option. Another major highlight concerning the latest tech based app is that it incoming calls of known contacts will not be blocked even if call filter service is activated.

CEO of Verizon, Ronan Dunne said that the company is well aware of the countless number of robocall. The internal team of Verizon strives hard in creating tools and resources that act as a relief to the prospective customers. The upgraded version will soon be available on all major Android platforms. At present, IOS users are required to download the brand new app manually.

It is not quite clear about who has initiated the first robocall. Automatic dialing software and voice over IP systems have reduced expenses of international calls


Verizon has introduced a remarkable app that helps in blocking fake calls.They have officially announced their plans to go for auto-enrolling eligible Android users. This latest tech news will definitely make you curious.



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