According to World Health News Today, innovative means of technology in the health care industry have spread awareness amongst the public to lead a good quality of life. They have gradually begun to accept state-of-the-art systems offered by health care providers. Integration of technologies in health care industry drives them towards a ‘Value-based-care’.

As per the health news, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Technology are the two major technologies incorporated in the medical field.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers personalized care for the patients and health care service providers. Most of the organizations are switching over to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline administrative activities thereby improving efficiency. Numerous health care experts foresee a dramatic increase in productivity over the next few years.


  • Beside Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework, machine learning would fortify interaction between human beings and machine. There will be a greater impact on risk analytics, diagnostics, and the invention of new drugs.


  • Medical industry body appears to be at ease especially with data management. Health care professionals predict like body fitness tips like analytics solutions to utilize drugs and self-care programs to alleviate chronic ailments. Majority of the organizations contains essential tools and resources to share, access and examine data in real-time. According to research, resorting to big data would exceed 34.27 billion dollars by 2022.


  • Blockchain Technology is useful in rectifying security flaws based on data exchange. It has access to a huge volume of data that enhances patient experience on a real-time basis. It acts as a defensive mechanism against spurious drugs and cutting down unwanted health care expenses.


  • Cloud technology or Cloud computing has become an integral part of the health industry and become one of the world health news today. There has been a slight modification in day-to-day operations at hospitals like the inclusion of electronic health records and digitalized paper filing works. Cloud Computing provides a huge storage facility for preserving clinical and non-clinical records with optimum safety and security.


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