Nachiy is one of the sought after platform by health-conscious individuals as it contains plenty of news and updates on how to stay physically fit, rare diseases and ways to combat it. As per the world health news today, colorectal cancer cases amongst younger adults have amplified. According to the findings, people aged below fifty years are vulnerable to this deadly disease.

One of the prominent health magazines stated that overall rates of colorectal cancer have increased since 1970. Uncontrollable growth of cells present in rectum or colon increases the chances of colorectal cancer.

Health experts hold the opinion that taking a bath a few hours before going to bed ensures a good night sleep. Health news revealed the fact that those people who find difficulties in falling asleep need to engage in regular exercise, avoid intake of alcohol and keep interiors of the room cool.

A latest Women’s Health magazine encouraged people to have a warm bath as it helps in rejuvenating our body, mind, and soul. The body temperature of human beings would automatically drop that instigate an improved sleep. The ideal time to take a bath is approximately one to two hours prior to going to bed. It does not matter whether or not the duration of bath exceeds ten minutes in order to reap advantages. Warm bath cools down the body by enhancing blood circulation.

Health tips for men

  • Health care professionals recommend replacing a sandwich containing chips with unsalted pistachios. Consuming two to three ounces of unsalted pistachios is helpful to improve the HDL cholesterol.
  • It is suggested to brush the teeth using a dry toothbrush for a duration of about thirty seconds. They are helpful to reduce tartar and bleeding of gums by 60%. Thoroughly rinse and brush teeth gently using a soft-bristle brush.
  • If you are feeling lethargic, consider mixing a club soda with lime instead of taking coffee. Its aroma and carbonation would make you more energized than ever before.


If the above-mentioned health tips for men are followed accordingly, they can lead to a better quality of life.


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