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As per reports of, a prominent optical products company named Olympus Corporation introduced a professional camera that incorporate artificial intelligence to focus and monitor various subjects.  OM – D E -M1X which is a Micro-Four Thirds ILC contains an integrated vertical grip with dual battery slots. It is currently one of the latest technology gadgets that are exclusively designed for professional sports photographers. This brand new camera features a 20MP sensor allowing users to capture image at a rate of 60 fps. Moreover, it contains a chip phase detection AF sensor.

OM – D E -M1X

One of the latest technology blogs published a post on OM – D E -M1X stating that its major highlight is AI tech which is quite similar to that of a smartphone. It is termed as Intelligent Subject Detection AF. This artificial intelligence has the capacity to track various types of subjects including automobiles, motorcycles, airplanes, and trains. It is later locked onto a particular object for monitoring unique subjects. According to media reports, focusing is accurate which enable shooters to emphasize on the composition of frames in the midst of capturing faster moving events.

Lenovo Smart Clock featuring Google Assistant

The brand new Lenovo Smart Clock is an unassuming electronic gadget which specifies a time and instantly charges phones. It brightens up prior to switching off the alarm clock. The users do have the option to instruct Google Assistant to perform a variety of tasks. This gadget is available in the heather gray case.

Smart Watch

Withings, a renowned consumer electronics company has introduced a smartwatch keep track of your movements including sleep. It contains a default GPS tracker and synchronizes well with Health Mate App. One of the major highlights is that it functions for duration of about eighteen months in the absence of battery charging. This smartwatch has a unique design with a default analog clock face. There are customization options catering to the needs and preferences of users.

Mophie Juice is a portable electronic gadget introduced by Apple that does not cover lightning port.


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