One of the prominent educational news websites digitallearning stated that Global Education and Training Expenditure is expected to exceed $10 trillion by the year 2030. Now we shall move on to some of the emerging trends in education sector. The education sector would soon expand owing to the rise in population along with support and incentives provided by the Government.

Incorporation of ‘Quality education’ contributes towards the growing importance of education as well as technological and pedagogical modifications in the field of teaching and learning. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the education segment appears to be useful in creating virtual teaching staffs and personalized learning for a particular student.

  • Education news today remarked the fact Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven assessment offers instant feedback to students, parents, and teachers. It would keep track of the learning progress amongst them. If necessary, adequate support and guidance will be provided in order to accomplish their future goals.


  • Remote Exam Proctoring System enables a candidate to appear for examination from any parts of the world. This tool is helpful to monitor the activities and movements of students by taking advantage of an innovative video image and audio streaming. As per the reports of latest educational news, majority of the prominent universities are switching over to this system and supply it at a competitive rate.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven analytics is indeed one of the crucial tools to enhance education and force institutions to become competitive in nature. Predictive and descriptive analytics are also very useful in some of the core segments including getting familiar with content quality problems, offering deep insights that improve existing curriculum. Moreover, this tool helps in the management of costs and implementing accurate investment strategies for educational institutions.


  • One of the latest education news is the integration of blockchain technology. Most of the contents are written using blockchain technology. They are beneficial for certain segments of educations like verification of student’s credentials and certificates, management of exam. Even mark sheets of students are maintained by this tool thereby making the validation process faster and smoother.

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