Gadgets Now, India’s leading tech news site released a report on introducing measures to curb employee’s attrition by the Board of Directors at Infosys. Information technology consulting firm based in Bengaluru outlined an attrition rate of 23.4% during the last quarter of June. The meeting will be focused on attrition rates. At present, the board is attempting to get familiar with the cause of attrition amongst employees. Despite the issue, rendering services to the potential clients have not affected. Now steps are undertaken by the company to minimize it.

Gadgets Now have recently published a post on the launch of a brand new feature by one of the global online dating app named Tinder. It aims at safeguarding the community from the risks involved whilst using apps across seventy different countries. Status of LGBTQ appears to be criminalized. This in-app feature is active in hostile nations wherein app caution mobile users related to potential dangers faced by people belonging to the LGBTQ group.

Once an alert is activated, those users recognized as LGBTQ will not appear on Tinder. But, they do have the option to stay hidden in a particular location. If necessary, they can even display their profile public in order to get connected with the people. This brand new feature is now active in Android and IOS versions. Tinder is now working in joint collaboration with a Switzerland based International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex, and Trans Association. Tinder has recently introduced numerous updates and effort in offering necessary guidance to the people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

Gadgets now published a report that a techie based in Chennai tracked a bug in one of the social media platform Instagram. Laxman Muthiyah, a security researcher had recently won thirty-thousand dollars in tracking a bug when he observed a flaw in Face book owned image-sharing app Instagram. He stated that it is there was a chance of accessing third parties Instagram account by resetting passwords and requesting recovery codes.


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