Gadgets Now, India’s leading news tech site published news on how to prevent third parties from accessing images in an I Phone. Even though the setup process is a bit confusing during the initial stage, it is just a matter of a few clicks.

  • Mobile users need to click settings app and tap General mode button
  • Click the accessibility option
  • Search for guided access in the above-mentioned option
  • Activate toggle of guided access to ‘ON’
  • Upon activation of guided access, multiple options pop’s up on the screen
  • Search for passcode options and create a passcode
  • Now exit settings app and proceed towards photos app in I Phone
  • Then choose the photo gallery and pick a suitable image of the user’s choice
  • Tap the home button thrice
  • Tap guided access and press options button
  • Now switch off the touch
  • Upon selecting an image, tap home button thrice and third-parties will not be able to access or swipe photos

Gadgets Now have posted news related to the launching of 5-lens rear camera smartphone (Nokia 9 Pure view) by Nokia, a leading Finnish mobile phone company. It is currently one of the expensive gadgets to be introduced in India.

Nokia 9 Pure view is available in Mid-Night blue color at online e-commerce sites like Flip Kart and Amazon. This device will be officially supplied from major retail outlets on July 17th. Those individuals who have procured the smartphone via HDFC bank credit/debit cards in EMI can claim for 10% cashback. However, this offer is valid until the end of this month.

Features of Nokia 9 Pure view

  • One of the major highlights of Nokia 9 Pure view is photography. This 5 lens camera operates simultaneously with images and synchronizes well with 12 MP photo. It also features dual color sensors along with three monochromatic sensors for optimum sharpness, detail.
  • Each sensor function together to gather maximum brightness.


Nokia 9 Pure view consists of a depth map that enables users to edit images using Adobe Lightroom.


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