HK students skip classes protesting against government policies

Summary: -About thousands of students refused to take part in the first day for the new academic year. According to reports from one of the top educational news websites, around ten thousand pupils boycotted classes in Hong Kong.

Date, Place: -The city witnessed a two-day strike and huge rally. Education news today reported that it was some of the worst violence, which occurred between police and protesters. The protesters hurled petrol bombs, lit fires and stormed into the parliament building while the police fired live gunshots and used water cannons, tear gas along with rubber bullets.

The protest triggered in the wake of alterations in law that enabled extradition to mainland China. Earlier this week, activists hampered train services at some of the major stations leading to heavy rush hour traffic delays. However, services were resumed at a later stage.

Nurses were also found lining beside the corridor of hospitals carrying posters of pro-democracy. It indicates strong signs of another two-day strike. A countless number of students assembled outside the premises of Hong Kong University. Concerned authorities of the University attempted to put a halt to the protest and ask to cancel it.

SC of Italy against the right to eat packed lunches at schools

Summary: – The Supreme Court’s decision against the use of packed lunches at school sparked outrage amongst parents. Italy’s SC stated that educational institutions possess the freedom to decide on whether children are permitted to consume packed lunches at school grounds.

Date, Place: – On the contrary, a lower court supported a community of Turin parents who were reluctant to eat school meals since it is very expensive. They asserted that food supplied by schools appears to be unhygienic.

Earlier this Tuesday, Supreme Court proclaimed that packed lunches violate principles of equality and non-discrimination on economic situations. One of the parents mentioned it as ‘an act of violence’. 

Lorenza, a parent of two children stated that she had spent a considerable amount of money to procure school meals which is comparatively higher than her monthly earnings. A resident belonging to the facebook group asked the parents to file a petition against concerned officials of the schools. They raised the fact that canteens do not cater to the tastes and preferences of the pupils. However, European nations like Finland are supplying free school lunches.

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