Goa to launch a hand-held device in detecting breast cancer:- 

The State Government of Goa had officially announced their plans to introduce a hand-held tool that is capable of screening breast cancer. It is aimed towards facilitating cancer detection and thereby alleviating early symptoms of the disease.

Goa is one of the few states in India which reported higher rates of breast cancer cases. An official employed in the health department stated that they are currently organizing several programs to spread awareness related to breast cancer. However, this project is expected to act as a defensive mechanism against the dreaded disease.

Kolkata established fourth liver transplant hospital:-

Kolkata has successfully established its fourth liver transplant unit with an aim to enhance organ donation movement across the state. Medica Super specialty hospital, a leading private hospital in Kolkata, West Bengal has joined the ranks of SSKM hospital and Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals. The SSKM hospital initiated introduced the first unit wherein the majority of liver transplant surgeries were conducted.

Most of the patients suffering from hepatitis B, hepatitis C are vulnerable to chronic liver disease and consequently resulting in liver transplant. Owing to the dearth of liver donors, state of Kolkata was limited to forty liver transplanting units.

HIV virus disseminates via cell-to-cell interaction:-

A team of scientists hailing from Washington, D.C. USA has recently discovered the cause behind the spread of the HIV virus. They conducted a test through state-of-the-art cell culture systems, computer simulations, and quantitative image analysis. As per results, tissue structure pressurizes the virus to spread via cell-to-cell interaction. For the past thirty years, scientists were contemplating the causative agents of AIDS.

Punjab tops the list in the incidence of hepatitis C cases:-

On World Hepatitis Day, shocking news associated with hepatitis C shook the state of Punjab. It is currently ranked amongst the top in the occurrence of hepatitis C infection. The Government of Punjab has advised people to avoid infusion of I/V and sharing of needles etc.


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