2019 is already here and that’s why we have created this list of latest and cool technology gadgets that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

1) Sonos Beam Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa

The Sonos Beam Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa is famous for its high sound quality and an incredible design. It’s ideal for almost any decor. The product is available in two colors, Black and White which is a recognition of almost all the Sonos gadgets.

It’s one of the cool technology gadgets of the year that has Apple AirPlay and Alexa support. The gadget can be used in the Sonos multiroom audio system.

2) Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker

A virtual assistant is a future or should we say it already is the present? The newer version of Amazon Echo Plus has great design and a lot better sound quality than its previous versions. The device consists of seven built-in microphones which ensure that Alexa hears every command of you. It also features Dolby-tuned hardwareDolby-tuned hardware which is responsible for 360-degree audio.

The cool gadget is available in sandstone, heather gray and charcoal. For any smart home beginner, this speaker is a good choice as it comes loaded with Philips Hue smart bulb.

3) Apple Watch Series 4

There were many smartwatches invented earlier before Apple but it’s said the companies to make it available to masses was Apple only. It used to hold a kind of Monopoly market until a while back.

The newer Apple Watch Series 4 has a bigger screen, optional cellular connectivity, and sleeker design. It’s a good option to resort from your iPhone device once in a while. Some other noticeable features about the device include a high bright display, GPS, and ECG-capable heart-rate sensor. The gadget is available in different collaborations and you are free to choose the best one as you prefer.

4) Apple iPad Pro

Fans of PC gaming news and all should once try Apple iPad Pro! The device is available in 11- and a 12.9-inch display. It’s considered among the top tablets that are being sold in the market these days. It has a sharp Liquid Retina display and a strong powerful chipset. It’s also loaded with cutting edge technology.

The fingerprint sensor days in Apple products are no more and this gadget features the newly updated Face ID tech as seen in the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. The best thing about the iPad Pro is that it’s loaded with one of the most secure operating system platforms to ever exist.

Conclusion :

We hope that the article would have helped you know about different types of cool technology gadgets that you should buy in 2019!



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