The right to education outlines the fundamental rights of citizens and states that full-time education is compulsory for all children between the ages of 5(4 in Northern Ireland) and 16, the compulsory school age (CSA). This compulsory education or training has been extended to 18 on or after 1st September 1997. For such kind of latest educational news updates, you can go through the website of nachiy. is one of the best education news websites across the world that keeps you updated about the latest educational trends.

There has been a debate on whether or not sex education is compulsory to adults in the UK. It is observed that sex education is there in English schools but is not a part of the national curriculum. This law only states that quality education is provided to pupils without discrimination based on caste, color, creed, religion or sex. International organization Universal declaration of human rights states that everyone has the right to education and this is separated into three levels namely Primary educational rights, Secondary and higher education rights.

Many state schools are directly funded by the UK government and this school imparts free educations to children. There are many colleges which provide scholarship not only for UK students but also to students from outside countries. All colleges, schools, and universities must follow these guidelines otherwise they can be blacklisted.To get yourself updated with the latest education news, you can subscribe to us.

Problems that are prominent in Education in the UK

There have been lots of suicide cases these days after the grading system was introduced. Initially, the suicide case was seen only with those who did not pass in the examination. However, nowadays we do some candidates who were unsatisfied with their grading marks who committed suicide. This has given rise to the question of whether the grading system in education is good for us or not.

There has been an increase in sexual assault in the UK and it is a matter of national interest these days. Some incidence recently took place where the sex offender was allowed in the school only because his guilt was not proven before the court of law. This matter is yet to have listened in UK court but the question remains unanswered what about the victim girl who has to face the same person every day in school or college.



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