Pubg  Players Unknown Battle Ground is one of the most played online games in today’s time. With thousands of installs daily, the game has become the world’s most wanted online game. Playing on a smartphone is excellent, but do you know that you can play the popular PUBG mobile game on a computer? This is for those who find the small screen of your smartphone is preventing them from fully enjoying the game. You can find a quick and easy way to play PUBG Mobile on a laptop or computer. Whatever the case may be, you would easily find the process of downloading, installing, and playing PUBG Mobile on PC.

Let’s know the process:-

  • At first, you need to go to this URL to download the official Tencent PUBG Mobile emulator
  • Secondly, you need to click the huge download button to get the 8.4MB installer.
  • Thirdly, you would find an option to immediately install it or you can customize the location of the software.
  • Followed by this, you need to run the installer and this will download the engine of the game.
  • The next is the Tencent Gaming Buddy software, which you need to download.
  • This will finally download the actual PUBG Mobile game will. There’s no file size indicated.
  • Once you find it installed, you will be greeted with the same opening screen like the original PUBG Mobile Game for Android and iOS.
  • Followed by this, you need to sign-in or create an account to start playing the game. You can sign-in using your Facebook account.

This is all you have to do to install PUBG game. You can now enjoy playing PUBG Mobile on your computer or laptop. Just with the help of a mouse and keyboard, you can enjoy the game in a most alluring manner. So, it is not just the smartphone that has the algorithms playing PUBG, you can now have the same excitement of this excellent game on PC and laptop. Install the game now and feel the difference of screen and better clarity.

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