Android overheating is becoming a common use in almost all of the smartphones these days. It’s very important that you diagnose the reason behind the overheating and also find out a proper solution for it. Android gets overheated due to multitasking and continuous usage. When the CPU gets overclocked it can result in overheating and in the long run this may damage the processor, which we are sure you don’t want to happen.


Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that may be causing overheating to your device and accordingly you can take preventive measures that can act as the solution to prevent your device from getting frequently overheated.

1. Always Use Your Original Charger
Every phone manufacturer states that you shouldn’t be using any other company’s charger for your phone as that may damage your phone’s battery. It’s said that battery is one of the prominent reason that leads to the overheating. So always try to use an original charger that has been provided by your phone’s manufacturer.

2. Learn To Charge Phone Correctly

Make sure that you use the correct charge that has been provided with your phone and in case if you have lost it then get the original one separately from the market. Secondly, don’t charge your device to the fullest in daytime heat. In the daytime, just make it to 70% or 80% and for the full charge, put it in charge in the night.

3. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS when not required

Always keeping your Bluetooth and GPS on will keep your phone active as they will keep looking for networks. Plus running games top of these can result in high overheating of your device.

4. Too much Multitasking!

Yes, it’s true that smartphones are built for multitasking but you may be having a smartphone which may not be much powerful for high multitasking of games, music, videos, browsing, etc. In such cases, it’s recommended to look for the apps that are running in the background without your wish. Once you find out apps that you don’t need for running in the background, just terminate them. But do remember that there are some apps which are important to run in the background for the smooth functioning of the device, make sure you don’t close them.

5. Too Much Streaming!

When we stream videos for a long time we not only tend to suck out more power from our device but also cause overheating to the device. Especially when there are videos being streamed in high definition as that results in more Internet connection, and power.

Conclusion :

We hope that this post would have helped to know about the reasons that may be causing your phone to overheat so much. Keep these points in mind and you are good to go!

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