How smart Sleep will scale back the chance of vas Diseases

Do you know one of the keys of good sleep is getting enough sleep and several studies have shown that insufficient sleep can increase the risk of serious problems like a cardiovascular disease? In this concern, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has discovered that good sleep can protect you against the buildup of arterial plaques like atherosclerosis. The study has revealed that insufficient sleep can increase the production of inflammatory white blood cell and this is the major contributors to atherosclerosis.

A night of good sleep can help in regulating the production in the bone marrow of inflammatory cells. It can also regulate the health of blood vessels, disrupt the sleep, thereby leading to more inflammation and heart disease. To explain the same examination a subject has been tested where due to repeated interruptions in the sleep the subject has been experienced with no changes in weight, cholesterol levels or glucose tolerance. The experiment has revealed that the subject has a nearly twofold increase in the production in their bone marrow or stem cells and this has given rise to white blood cells. Due to lack of sleep. A hormone called hypocretin gets produced in the brain structure and that is called the hypothalamus.

The researchers have also considered those ones who sleep five hours or less per night falls under “short” sleepers, and those who sleep for nine or more hours are the “long” sleepers. Short sleepers had 50% more coronary artery calcium compared to those who slept for seven hours per night. Besides this, those who reported for poor sleep quality has also been found to have more coronary calcium and more arterial stiffness. In this concern, it is also said that people who tended to get less than six hours of sleep were more likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even obesity.

So, it is always recommended that you sleep at least 7 to 8 hour a day as this will keep you healthy and even keep you safe from the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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