Hundreds of video games get released every year, and there’s not enough time to play them all. So, for your convenience we have listed some of the best gaming news sites of 2018.

  • Destructoid
  • GamesRadar+
  • Game Informer
  • Metacritic
  • Nintendo Life
  • GameSpot
  • Christ centered gamer

The best video game websites aren’t necessarily the ones you hear about often. Every game website has some drawbacks, whether it’s a lack of ethics, poorly justified review scores, or a radical bias. But these seven sites are great places to get your video game news and reviews.

Mobile game news site

Mobile games have been very popular since 2014. The fact that you can play games on your mobile phone on the go is very convenient for many users. You can show off your game progress with your friends on your phone or play together to catch a certain monster (Pokémon GO). Finding the right game for you though can be kind of frustrating. There are so many mobile games both for the IOS and Android with multiple genres. Only a few games are worth playing based on most mobile game new sites. Ultimately it depends on what you prefer.

Now there are quite a number of gaming websites that does mobile game reviews, both popular and underrated ones. Some of the websites even include guides to help gamers complete a certain part of a dungeon or how ways to outsmart your opponents. Here are the top 15 mobile game review sites that you need to visit.

  • IGN
  • Game spot
  • Touch Arcade
  • Pocket Gamer
  • N4G
  • Game Zone
  • Metacritic
  • Got Game
  • Destructoid
  • Gamezebo
  • Gaming Central 5
  • DroidGamers
  • com
  • Pocket Tactics
  • GamerBravers

Best upcoming mobile games in 2019

Here’s a quick list of the most exciting upcoming mobile game.

  • Mario Kart Tour
  • Call of Duty- Mobile
  • Rush wars
  • Diablo immortal
  • Artifact
  • Project Cars Go
  • EVE: War of Ascension
  • Disney Sorcerer’s Arena
  • Minecraft Earth
  • Game of Thrones: Beyond the wall

Best upcoming games for android

FortniteStardew Valley, and Alto’s Odyssey are just a few of the great Android titles released in the last year. We expect to see many more in the near future from well-known developers like Nintendo, Gamevil, and Niantic.

Here are the 15 best upcoming Android games we’re most excited about, in categories like adventureactionracing, and more.

  • Mario Kart Tour
  • Gears Pop!
  • Minecraft Earth
  • Pokémon Masters
  • Shadowgun War Games
  • Forza Street
  • Apex legends
  • Bad North
  • H1Z1
  • Project Cars Go
  • Diablo Immortal
  • Level Head
  • Impossible bottles
  • Payday: crime war

These are some of the best upcoming Android games to keep an eye out for; though we’re sure plenty of other interesting titles will debut this year.


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