Google constituent Watch Rumor To Be Launched This year

Google besides rocking in them, Google Glass has redeemed itself in the line of smartphones, Pixelbooks, and Google Home products. As per the latest report, Google may also re-enter in the wearables market by launching its first smartwatch. It has been rumored that the Pixel Watch could finally be launched in the year 2019. Let’s wait for the right call till then here is everything that you need to know about this new gadget.

Expected Release

The year 2019 could be the year when we may finally see the Pixel Watch. In connection with this report, it has been studied from Japanese newspaper Nikkei that the rumor is true. The newspaper notes that Google will likely release gadgets like Pixel 4 phone, Pixel Lite phone, and even the awaited Pixel Watch at some point in 2019.

Some of the expected specifications:

As we are still waiting for a possible Pixel Watch announcement, we can go through the flagship-quality hardware that it may have. Like other premium smartwatches, Google Pixel might have both Wi-Fi and LTE versions. The report has also covered by German website WinFuture, where it is reported that the Pixel Watch is currently being developed as three different models and these are code-named as “Ling,” “Triton,” and “Sardine.” The Pixel Watch might also come with at least 1GB of RAM. In addition to this, it has also been expected that the rumored Pixel Watch would most likely to run a stock version of Wear OS, which would be similar to Google’s brand of Android for the Pixel phones.

Features of Google Pixel

While rumors of the Pixel Watch’s is expected that it will feature Google Assistant, Google Assistant, and a touch of Google Assistant. It is tough to guess what would be the design of the pixel watch as there is not leaked image of the design. According to the report from WinFuture, the Pixel Watch would contain a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth support, and many other premium features that would make it the most anticipated gadget of the time.

The Bottom Line

This is just a rumor and to actually get it finalized, you need to wait for some time until Google Pixel gets launched. Hold your breathe and wait for the time that is the unveiling of the gadget which is expected to be opened in this year.


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