As per the study conducted at Icahn School of Medicine, biocompatible gold nanoparticles are safe and effective in treating prostate cancer. One of the prominent health magazine or journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ stated that treatment provides patients a therapy option which helps in preserving vital structures contained in the prostate. This is useful in averting unnecessary side effects related to whole gland treatment.

Prostate cancer is currently one of the major causes of death amongst men in the United States of America. Permanent removal of prostate poses a threat in the form of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence. With the advent of technology, clinicians have better health tips such as focal therapies that have fewer complications.

Another health news which becomes popular these days is “Interactive maps to forecast various categories of words in activating the brain”. Neuroscientists at the University of California developed interactive maps that have the potential to foresee various categories of words to activate the brain. Latest map emphasizes on what is happening in our brain while reading stories. According to findings in the Journal of Neuroscience, there is ample evidence to prove that people share identical semantic opening its door to inner thoughts and narratives.

People are grabbing information through podcasts, audiobooks and audio texts. As per the studies, processing of semantic information is quite similar while listening or reading materials. Besides it, Researchers of UC San Francisco have discovered a scorpion toxin that aims at wasabi receptor is a few of the highly searched health news on the internet.

Prominent researchers of UC San Francisco have uncovered a scorpion toxin that is targeted at wasabi receptor. It is a chemical-based sensing protein active in nerve cells. This chemical is solely responsible for the sinus-jolting sting of wasabi. The toxin activates a pain and scientists hold the view that it can be leveraged to study the cause of inflammation and chronic pain. It might lead to the creation of brand new versions of pain relievers.



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