To keep up with the latest tech news, you need to always scan for new information, and soak up the most recent news and insights. However, we all have limited time and we cannot waste a single second to keep track of everything. Fortunately, there is a number of high-quality resources out there that give you all the information in a concise manner and are authoritative and reliable. Below are the names of the best tech websites that you should rely on to.

  • Mashable
  • The verge
  • Tech crunch
  • Digital trends
  • Term sheet
  • The information
  • The next web
  • Venture beat
  • Wired
  • Gizmodo
  • MakeUseOf
  • Tech radar
  • Recode
  • Business insider
  • Futurism

Latest Technology News

The well-known gadgets designing company, Apple, has launched the iPhone 11 series with a bilateral charging feature. This special event was held on September 10. Ahead of the apple’s Launch event, reports suggested that Apple could include a bilateral charging feature in its 2019 latest technology gadgets.  Now a new report suggests that Apple’s 2019 iPhones include the necessary hardware to support the feature, however, it has been disabled by the company.

The bilateral charging feature of the iPhone 11 series would allow it to charge other Qi-compatible devices simply by placing them on the back of the Apple iPhone. Both noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who are two of the most reliable sources when it comes to information about Apple’slatest cool technology products, had predicted it.

Latest Computer Technology

Mac OS 10.15

On the computer side of the software coin, we expect to hear more about Apple’s publicly stated plans to make iPad apps more compatible with computers running its desktop OS. Apple has been super clear that it doesn’t see this as a “convergence” play, but more a way to facilitate more-efficient coding. Apps that can run on both platforms will no doubt please a crowd full of developers who can build excellent apps that will reach more people with less work.

A new Mac Pro

The last version of the Mac Pro was an elegant, cylindrical machine, but, by Apple’s own admission, its sealed case lacked the upgradability and performance that professional video-editors and high-end coders actually want in a computer. Apple has said that it’s working on a mac OS 10.15ew Mac Pro model that will feature a more-modular design, but we haven’t heard much about its development. WWDC would be a perfect place to talk about such a high-performance (and high-priced) piece of kit, especially considering that the iMac Pro debuted at the conference back in 2017.


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