Kenyan Science Teacher bags global prize:-

The latest update in the education sector is about the Science Teacher, Peter Tabichi who hails from Kenya have bagged one million dollar prize for the world’s best teacher.

Brother Peter Tabichi has been revered as an outstanding teacher who contributes most of his salary towards the weaker section of the society. He is an active member of the Franciscan religious order. Tabuchi was praised for his achievements in a deprived educational institution with the dearth of study materials and jam-packed classes.

He is currently giving away 80% of his salary to support students studying at Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School in Piwani Village, Nakuru. Besides it, the other upcoming educational news is about the Charter schools launched in Montgomery, Alabama.

LEAD Academy has officially announced its plans to introduce public charter school in Montgomery, Alabama. Even though they are independently operated, it is a publicly funded institution that aims towards offering optimum flexibility and autonomy to teachers and administrators. According to the latest education update, they are focusing on how to meet the rising demands of students. Montgomery is a city where the majority of students are living below the poverty line. Out of which only a few are reading and executing mathematics skills at a higher grade level.

School board members, parents, and community members consider charter schools as an alternative to struggling conventional educational institutions. Most of them hold the view that it would act as a model in ameliorating performances of traditional public schools. There are many people who insist on enhancing community buy-in to improvise public schools located in the city of Montgomery.

British owned education publishing to switch over from print to digital mode:-

World’s learning company and textbook giant Pearson have announced their decision to publish books in digital format. This London based company has a sales turnover of 8.5 billion dollars and they are currently one of the largest distributors of college textbooks across the United States of America. They have so far made ten million digital registrations per year.

Pearson would soon update digital offering on a daily basis in real-time. The latest update consists of major scientific breakthroughs, legal and business case studies.

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