There are a lot of latest technologies being made every day, and one such new invention is the Facebook Dating that maybe the next trend in the online dating world. The testing of the feature began around one year back and today, it’s here with an official launch in the United States. In the Facebook mobile app, you will be able to see the new tab for the dating feature and this new technology advancement will only be available for people who are 18 years and older.

If any user decides to go ahead with the Dating then he/she will have to register for an account that will be different from the main Facebook profile account. A user will be able to meet potential partners among friends of friends or can also opt for partners completely outside the friend network.

The matches suggested to you by the algorithm will be based on the preferences, interests and the activity of yours over Facebook. It’s said that the design has somewhat been inspired by the popular dating app, Hinge. The Dating would allow you to send alike and at the same time a message to the chosen profile. As of now, the news is coming that Facebook Dating is going to be completely free without any sort of additional in-app purchases and ads.


In the online dating world, security and safety is something that concerns a lot of users. Therefore, Facebook has adopted a great security feature for its dating element and through this, you will be able to share your upcoming date details including live location with a friend or family member by just clicking on a shield icon.


A lot of experts say that Facebook is on a  decline due to a lot of other similar platforms that seem to be a lot better in terms of many aspects and one such fine example is another product of Facebook, Instagram. But it looks that Facebook is trying its best from all sides to bring back the good old days of Facebook. Well, we don’t know if this latest technology news is going to be a game-changer or not but let’s hope that it brings some positive impact on some of the other manner.


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