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Education is a sector which needs to be kept updated and refreshed as per the changes in the world because everyone knows the importance of education. An outdated education system is of no use as the world is expanding at a very fast rate. Keeping this thing in mind, the government keeps bringing changes in the education sector and that’s why it’s important to keep ourselves updated with every kind of news. For this sole purpose, there are various educational news websites set up that gives out education news today.

There are some educational news websites.

1) Education Week

Starting off the list with Education Week! In America, this website is very remarkable and trusted among many. It posts around 42 posts per week and it caters to K-12 education analysis, news, etc. It embeds stuff in form of video journalism, articles, and photography.

2) Inside Higher Ed

Just like the name suggests, Inside Higher Ed caters to jobs, opinions, and news of higher education. It embeds on an average of 168 posts per week and has been functioning since December 2006.

3) eSchool News

Education Dive is a good choice for the latest education news. Education Dive indulges in Ed-tech, online learning, blended learning, policy, etc. They assign high-quality analysis and news for K-12 leaders and higher education.

5) Brainbuxa

Brainbuxa is one of the famous educational news websites in India. It focuses on daily news and headlines on jobs and education career. BrainBuxa has it possesses Brainbuxa Times that has India Education PR. The website posts around 15 educational posts per week.

6) Nursery World

A world devoted just for the early years of schooling news! Nursery World focuses mainly on childcare and early year’s education. It functions both in print and online. It has been there in the market since 2000 and posts around 42 educational posts per week.

7) The Guardian

The Guardian is a very highly rated and reputed news portal that is used by millions of people every month. The Guardian focuses upon analysis and opinions on colleges, schools, universities, etc. and depicts the latest education news. The website has been there for a long time and it posts around 34 posts per week.


I hope that the article helped you to come to know about different kinds of education news that is present out there


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