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Education is not just confined to reading and writing since it goes far beyond that. The key to success is by implementing the knowledge gained via education to enhance overall growth and well-being. Majority of the people hold the view that education and literacy are interconnected; however many differences exist between these two. For instance, if an individual is 100% literate, apart from being able to read and write, he does have the ability to perceive and raise questions. As a result, education is an integral part of our daily life and it is the importance of education.

Importance of education

  • The term education refers to grabbing skills from a wide range of categories. It could be in the form of classroom training sessions and encountering experiences in day-to-day activities
  • Education acquired in the classroom is adjudged as the formal education while learning and diluting during the course of our life is deemed as informal education.
  • Education assists an individual to secure a job and generate revenue.
  • It acts as a source of security in order to access various facilities in life.
  • It allows people to set a pre-defined standard and helps in executing wise decisions.
  • Education plays a pivotal role in refining decision-making skills.
  • It enables children to progress in various aspects of life such as being physically and mentally strong
  • Education encourages children to overcome emotional barriers and challenges in the real world.

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Obesity had recently posted a topic on assisting children to fight against obesity in educational institutions.  According to reports, most of the children aged between two to four years are struggling to cope with obesity. Some of the primary causes of obesity are listed below:

  • Ignorant about the nutritional value of food items.
  • People are unaware of the risk factors of obesity.
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • An insufficient diet of children at home and school

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