Best  Technology Trends for 2019/2020

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So, let us continue with the topic which is the latest technology updates.

Lining up the Top 8:

1-Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is the ability of a computer or computer operated robot which started late in 1950 to perform some sort of tasks in which human intelligence is required. So, we can say that machines or computer operated bots which can perform tasks as humans come under Artificial Intelligence (AI).

 2-Machine Learning (ML):

It’s an application of Artificial Intelligence in which computers are made capable of learning and improving from their prior experiences without being explicitly programmed. It is one of the latest cool technology in our hands.

3-Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

This is an advanced technology which is used on a large scale. Some of the main tasks include transactions, manipulating data, to trigger the responses, etc.


It is the fastest growing latest cool technology which helps in handling list of records, called blocks. These are linked using cryptography. A transaction date, a timestamp and a cryptographic hash are important pointers while working on this technology.

5-Edge Computing:

When the flow of traffic is changed from a lot of devices and a real-time local data analysis is provided, then is known as Edge Computing. It is often used when IoT devices have poor connectivity.

Latest Tech updates

6-Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR):

VR and AR are somehow related to each other on many terms but they differ in a couple of things.

  • VR changes your visionary world but AR doesn’t do that.
  • VR is more intense in comparison to AR.
  • AR is full of freedom in comparison to VR.

7-Cyber Security:

The type of security in which our computer hardware, software or electronic data is protected from the misdirection of the service providers is known as Cyber Security. Our computer system feels protected if it is upgraded with the latest cybersecurity program.

8-Internet of Things:

It’s a system of interrelation of computer devices, digital and mechanical machines which are given certain unique identifiers (UID’s) so that they can get interlinked on a certain network and transfer data over a certain network without a human to human interaction.

These were the Top 8 Technology Trends for 2019 which are the upgraded forms of their prior versions. To know more about latest computer technology news, do check out this best technology news website.
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