When it comes to mobiles that work flawlessly for latest or upcoming mobile games 2019, we actually don’t have a huge choice. We agree that almost every other company is engrossed in promoting their gaming specs which are actually not always true as the main intention of such phones is not gaming unless you are buying a gaming tablet or console. In a gaming phone, you must always look for a good battery backup, powerful processor and of course enough storage space for the accommodation of the upcoming games for Android. Let’s check out some of the best gaming phones that you should buy if you are interested in gaming.

1) Honor View 20

It may be shocking to your ears that the best gaming phone out there in the market isn’t the Razor Phone or an iPhone, but according to us,

  • Enough Internal Storage
  • Cheaper Than The Competitors
  • Powerful Processor
  • A 6.4-inch screen with 1080p support

2) Apple iPhone XS Max

If you have been looking for an Apple device that will go well with most of your upcoming mobile game then it has to be undoubtedly the Apple iPhone XS Max. It’s the biggest among all iPhone till now in terms of both price and size. It’s true that spending $1,099 on some mobile isn’t practically possible for most but one should remember that if he/she is able to afford the phone then that gamer will be able to understand its worth. Let’s take a look at some of the main features:

  • Best for those who want to game like on a tablet but don’t want to carry their gaming tablet or iPad everywhere.
  • Stunning 6.5-inch screen to make you go crazy
  • Costly but worth for gamers
  • Games are limited as one is restricted to only the Apple App Store.


Gaming is evolving daily and the above-listed devices will help you to catch up with the time and gather a seamless experience playing the upcoming mobile games 2019.


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