Best Boys Games That You Should Try!

These days’ boys spend a lot of time on their video games and according to a survey it has been found that teen boys spend on an average of 56 minutes per day playing video games. It’s important to take into consideration that the best games should be offered to the boys. They should enjoy to the fullest while they are playing any sort of game.

In this article, we will be listing down some of the best boys games that you should definitely check out once!

1) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto games have been an integral part of everyone’s childhood and irrespective of the latest GTA 5 being there present in the market, GTA San Andreas still holds its popularity among the gamers. GTA San Andreas is an open-end game which just basically consists of everything that one can imagine of in today’s real world, right from your guns and fights to car hijacking and plane hijacking.

2) Prince of Persia Series

Prince of Persia is also a cult classic game series that is known for its high-end features that don’t seem to be there present in every game out there! It is kind of a Pirate Game where the prince has to go through different situations to achieve his goals. The journey is a hard and tough one as it involves fighting, jumping, running, dodging and what not! It involves swords, weapons which when combined with special moves result in deadly kills!

3) Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need For Speed series has been running for a long time just like the above two and “Need For Speed Most Wanted” is the most popular game in the NFS series. Need For Speed has its own audience and any person who is fond of racing games, will definitely have NFS in his games collection. It consists of racing tracks, police cars, deadly crashes, high end powered sports cars and much more.

4) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The earlier games of Grand Theft Auto are good boys games, to begin within your early teenage. Just like San Andreas, Vice City also had its own popularity and still, it’s played by many players as it was a game which had amazing features and was compatible with even low spec devices. It’s the earliest game of GTA series so it won’t be that much big compared to the latest GTA additions.


The above games are some of the most highly played games of boys of different ages. These boys games are also be found on PlayStation at affordable rates. In addition, to get more information about the latest released games, you can visit on the varied game news websites.


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