Apple’ Next iPhone styles can be folding Screen

The news of Android smartphone makers that are expected to come up with a foldable smartphone, now it appears that Apple also plans for the same. It has been studied that a patent application has been filed by the Cupertino-based iPhone maker about the new design of iPhone. It is suggested that the brand might be experimenting with different smartphone designs even for a foldable iPhone. The iPhone maker has presented a sketch that exhibits the patent application, which indicates that both inward and outward folding designs of the iPhone. If the prototype design gets consideration by Apple it might be for a possible foldable iPhone.

Patent Application – Flexible Display Device

Apple’s new patent application, that was published on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website recently, has been titled as “Flexible Display Devices”. Now, this somehow depicts that the next iPhone would be the foldable screen. Though the patens do not have a subtle indication that a folded iPhone is certainly on Apple’s radar, you can expect that it might be a new design screen. The designs in Apple’s patent application no doubt point towards a practical device, but these are merely conceptual ideas at this point and has no authentic proof of foldable iPhone that is being developed

Patented Sketches – Explanation

The first sketch in Apple’s patent application exhibits a folded design screen, which is similar to the rumored report. Another diagram shows that an outward folding design that witnesses it again on the recently leaked report on a folded smartphone. In this concern, there are other diagrams as well that depicts an inward-folding mechanism is again an indication for a newly designed iPhone. The only things that Apple’s patent application has not yet showcased the concept with a cover display.

In addition to this, there are also different diagrams that depict a double-folding design added with two hinges showing three layers of the main body.  Apple’s patent application explains a device that would come with sides fold in the opposite direction. It would have a major portion of the display with the inward-folding. As mentioned above, all these reports are just concepts and we need to wait for the design table to become actual devices.


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